Domestic Watercraft Registration

Owners of vessels such as canoes, pleasure watercraft, speed boats and other forms of marine crafts, including commercial vessels of less than 500 gross tons, operating in Liberian territorial waters are required under the Liberia Maritime Laws to be registered with the Liberia Maritime Authority (LMA). Similarly, vessels flying the Liberian Flag and operating in foreign waters are required to register.

The owner shall be required to submit with the application for registration, the following documents:

1. Bill of Sale and builder's certificate, if the vessel is new
2. Proof of the vessel's seaworthiness
3. Class certificate or the equivalent from an established marine technical surveyor's office
4. Safety inspection certificate issued by the class or surveyor
5. All other relevant ship documents.

Vessels which have met the requirements for registration and passed inspection are eligible to receive a Certificate of Registry.

*Application forms and fee structure are also available at the LiMA Office in Sinkor, Monrovia, Liberia, adjacent J.F.K. Medical Center.

Special Note for All Vessels:
All vessels which have met the registration requirements must also be inspected by the Liberia Maritime Authority to verify their seaworthiness and to confirm that proper manning conditions exist onboard. They are also required to pay the applicable fees as specified in the fee structure available at the Authority's offices. Foreign-flagged commercial fishing vessels which have met the requirements for registration and passed inspection are eligible for a Certificate of Number, which is valid for either 3, 6 or 12 months.

Any vessel engaged in commercial activities within the territorial waters of the Republic of Liberia that does not have a valid Certificate of Number or Certificate of Registry issued by the Liberia Maritime Authority shall be subject to penalties as stipulated in the Liberia Maritime Laws and other maritime regulations.

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