President Sirleaf Graces LMTI Flag Hoisting Ceremony: Urges Cadets to be Shining Examples

President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has urged cadets studying at the Liberia Marine Training Institute (LMTI) to subscribe to the Code of Ethics of the Institute and stand ready to be the pioneers of a tradition built on the provision of quality training and capacity building.

She made the remarks on Monday, January 21, 2013 when she observed the hoisting of the flags of the Republic of Liberia, the International Maritime Organization (IMO), the Liberia Maritime Authority (LiMA) and the LMTI which was a consequence of the formal reopening of the Institute in Marshall City after more than 23 years of closure.

The Liberian leader reminded the audience, particularly the young cadets, that the flags hoisted, especially the National Colors, embody the heritage, identity and pride as a nation and people. “Today is a celebration of tradition, she said but more importantly, it is a celebration of hope, progress and inspiration and I can only imagine the endless possibilities I see in this very critical sector of our economy – the maritime sector”.

The hoisting of the flags, according to Marine Engineer Donald Gwaikolo, represents the coherence, commitment, cooperation and consistency between four major bodies in fostering cordial understanding, knowledge and proficiency in maritime management, education, operation and support.

Speaking earlier, the Commissioner and Chief Executive Officer of the Authority, Mr. Binyah C. Kesselly, identified capacity building as a priority area, which he says will be unrelenting as his vision is to train 10,000 Liberians over the next six years.

He paid homage to the senior executives and the over 200 hard-working staff of LiMA and LMTI. “The collective effort here can never be understated nor will it ever be forgotten,” he noted, adding, “As we pay homage to our nation, responsibility to the IMO, the training agenda of the LiMA, especially the LMTI, I want to say a big thank you to all of you.”

Addressing the cadets, he said: “We will train you, equip you, certificate and market you. When you are employed, you have to keep your jobs and be the pacesetters of what the LMTI has imparted, most importantly, what you as young men and women will do going forward.”

Also making remarks, the Chairperson of the Board of Directors of the LMA, Madam Theresa Leigh-Sherman, said the day marked the beginning of a tradition that the Institute aims to continue far into the future. She said the Board is excited about the myriad of opportunities that will now exist for Liberian youth, especially in the maritime sector. “You have our commitment to ensure that the LMTI remains a center of excellence,” she said.

Eighty (80) young cadets are being trained in three major disciplines: General Purpose Rating (GPR) Engine and Deck Departments; Maritime Search and Rescue Basics; and Catering. They will also be trained in the following IMO mandatory courses: Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting; Elementary First Aid; Personal Survival Techniques; Personal Safety and Social Responsibilities; International Ship and Port Security Training; and Tanker Familiarization.

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