Liberia Maritime Authority Employs 1800 Persons

On September 15th, the Liberia Maritime Authority (LiMA) launched their Reclaiming Liberia’s Beaches and Waterways Project in the “Borough” of New Kru Town where five hundred persons were added to LiMA’s payroll. The Project has been ongoing since February 2009 and officially kicked off in January 2011 simultaneously in PHP, South Beach and Mamba Point Communities. To date approximately 1800 persons have been employed (excluding permanent Maritime employees) by the Liberia Maritime Authority (LiMA) as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives. This project comes as a partial realization of the President of Liberia’s vision for the country to be transformed from a “Nation with a leading Maritime Program to a leading Maritime Nation”, a nation where ordinary Liberians, the deserving underprivileged will feel the impact of the sixty three years of global service excellence in their daily lives. The project aims to empower waterfront community dwellers to take ownership of the project, maintain a clean environment, police themselves against the dangers of sand mining, and become ambassadors of the project spreading the message CLEAN BEACHES=JOBS. Indeed, through this project LiMA intends to employ three thousand five hundred persons across the nation in a period of three years. At a rate of USD$60.00 per month, paid through the banking system, dignity and pride are gradually being restored to our people as they are absorbed into the job market. Cleaning and maintaining the beaches are in no way the end goal of the project, it is expected that these communities can and will attract investment which will create higher paying jobs and teach them viable skills. At the launching ceremony in New Kru, Commissioner Binyah C. Kesselly shared his enthusiasm for the project finally reaching New Kru Town. He encouraged the people to exceed expectations and carry the project to fruition and “become partners in the success of Liberia”. The Reclaiming Liberia’s Beaches and Waterways Project will continue with the launch in West Point on Monday October 18th.

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