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The Liberia Maritime Authority is headed by a Commissioner. The Authority is currently structured on a functional basis, which is aligned with its new growth strategy. In 2010, the Bureau of Maritime Affairs was transformed into the Liberia Maritime Authority, thus strengthening the nation's resolve to further commercialize its maritime assets.

Corporate Strategy and Industry Development
The department is responsible for the enhancement of the Authority's organizational effectiveness through the setting up of appropriate corporate strategies and developing attractive business modules which are intended to drive revenue growth, achieve program excellence, establish a national maritime infrastructure and promote the Liberia Maritime Authority Brand Awareness.

Maritime Security
The department serves as the Authority's principal strategic resource in the nation's desire to combat, investigate and prosecute maritime-related crimes, offenses and violations. It also oversees an elite group of Maritime Agents whose role is to establish, protect and preserve the nation's Maritime Domain Awareness Initiatives working alongside or in collaboration with the Ministries of National Defense, Justice and other relevant agencies of government. This department is also responsible to uphold the regulatory and security tenets of the nation's maritime industry and water-borne commerce in keeping with the Liberia Maritime Laws and Safety & Environmental Protection Regulations and Policies.

Maritime Services
This Division oversees the International Merchant Marine Services, Corporate Registry Services and Seafarers Certification and Documentation. This has been the core of the Liberia Maritime Authority's operations.

Corporate Communications
The Department of Corporate Communications is a very strategic department in the branding, imaging and re-positioning of the New Liberia Maritime Authority. It assists in the development of comprehensive communication policies that build and improve the domestic and international media and public relations capacity of the Authority. The department serves as an advocate to build and maintain positive relationships between the Liberia Maritime Authority, its employees, relevant public and private entities, and the Liberian Community in general.

The Department of Finance
The department of Finance is responsible for the planning, organization, direction, and management of personnel involved in developing, implementing, and maintaining policies and practices for the financial management, budget control, payroll, accounting, and fixed assets system and functions of the Authority. It also advises management on financial trends applicable to accounting standards, policies and regulations and develops policies and practices necessary to comply with those regulations to ensure compliance with same.

General Counsel
Under the supervision of the Commissioner, the General Counsel conducts comparative legal analyses on a range of issues in a given area; identify legal and policy issues, research relevant precedents, and propose appropriate solutions. The General Counsel also provides legal support to ongoing projects, transactions, cases, and other matters such as the drafting, review, negotiation and finalization of legal documents for operations. The office of General Counsel is involved in the proper collection, processing, analysis and dissemination of critical information consistent with breaches of the Liberian Maritime Laws, Regulations, Policies, and Procedures, as well as all International Maritime Conventions, Protocols and Treaties to which the Liberia is a party.

The overall management of the administrative functions of the Authority is the primary role of this department. Under its direct supervision are the administrative staff of the Information Management Technology, Archives, Records and Documentation, Transportation, Procurement and Logistics, and Facilities Management sections. It also plays a role in long-term organizational planning and administrative strategy development.

Corporate Social Responsibility
LiMA created its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) department, which aims at promoting the values of the entity in the society through direct positive impact in the communities that we live and work by addressing their sustainable development needs. The department has three major intervention areas; namely education, community outreach and social services.

Human Resource and Development
The Human Resource and Development department has two sections: Personnel Services and Recruitment, Retention and Appraisal. The department ensures that LiMA's compensation, human resources programs and practices enables it to attract, retain, and fully develop the capacity of its employees. The department develops and manages the Human Resource Policies required to ensure the sustainability of the Authority. The department also conducts periodic employee performance appraisals to ensure employees outputs are aligned with the overall development objectives of the Authority as well as intervene where necessary to encourage improvement in job output.

Maritime Safety and Environmental Protection
The Liberia Maritime Authority considers environmental protection and Safety Of Life at Sea (SOLAS) a main focus. This division is responsible for ensuring adherence to policies and regulations related to environmental protection and SOLAS and also oversees Port State Control, Domestic Flag State Implementation, Safety and Navigation, Shipping and Facilitation, Rescue and Coordination and Marine Environmental Protection.

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