The Liberia Maritime Program was established in 1948 with the launch of its registry during the post-World War II period, when there was tremendous international demand for ships to transport various goods and raw materials. Today, it is the second largest ship registry in the world.

Launch Timeline View our interactive timeline which takes you through many of the milestones that have been achieved in our first 60 years.

Over the years, the Liberian Registry has been the "flag of choice" for some of the world's largest shipowners. It is also one of the few open registries with an independent association of shipowners, known as the Liberian Shipowners' Council, a member of the International Chamber of Shipping. The Program is currently marking its 63rd Anniversary. The signing into Law of the Liberia Maritime Authority Act of 2010 transformed Liberia's maritime legacy from the one-dimensional Bureau of Maritime Affairs (BMA) responsible for the administration of Liberia's Maritime Program into the new, dynamic and vibrant 21st century Liberia Maritime Authority (LiMA), which is empowered by law to harness the full potential of Liberia's Maritime Sector and ensure that the national economy is the ultimate beneficiary of its programs and activities.

The transformation of Liberia's Maritime Program has positioned Liberia on the trajectory of becoming a nation whose Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is disproportionately supported by the entire maritime sector. Liberia's geographic location makes it a Coastal State, its world-renowned Shipping Registry, ensuring that its Flag is flown by some of the world's largest fleets makes it a Flag State, and its use of Sea Ports as the Gateway to the National Economy makes it a Port State. Therefore, it's only natural that Liberia explores opportunities building on these strengths. The Authority is the fulfillment of the vision of becoming a true Maritime Nation conceived since the inception of Liberia's Maritime Program in 1948.

The Liberian Registry is currently managed by the LiMA's agent, the Liberian International Ship & Corporate Registry (LISCR, LLC), which is a U.S. owned company that provides the day-to-day operations for the Republic of Liberia's (RL) ship and corporate registry. Liberia's Maritime Laws, which include provisions for the registration of ships, licensing of crews, certification of ships for safety, and other essential factors, are implemented by Liberian Maritime Regulations and policies promulgated by the office of the Commissioner of the Liberia Maritime Authority.

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